• Project Andromeda

    A journey into the rainforrest

  • The Home Front Fight

    Thanks for checking out my (Lucas) blog! Posts can be sparse, and sometimes come in bunches. I only write when I feel it's something I think you'll engage with. Thanks for reading, and subscribe if you want to get updates ASAP!

    November 8, 2016 · Veterans Day,veterans,war · 5
  • The Mission

    Our first goal is to develop a (somewhat) sustainable homestead, while assessing and minimizing the impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

    What's New?

    Step by step updates- scroll to the bottom of the page for more detailed blog posts!



    Houston, we have internet!! The blog is updated, and we have working facilities now.


    The Luna spotlight

    The latest on Luna

    Luna is saying ma-ma and da-da! She's just about got the crawling thing figured out. I'm glad to have her home.



  • Peas and Carrots

    A match made in...Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (AKA Heaven)!!

    Lucas Berard

    The Braun

    USMC (02-06) USA (07-10)

    Former Member, Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

    Post 9/11 Member, Veterans For Peace

    Brooke Jones

    The Brains

    Ma, Environmental Anthropology (UNT)

    Former Resident, Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

    Former Development Coordinator for CSCC

    Luna Jones

    The Beauty

    Master of all Space and Time (LU)

    Former Resident, Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

    Future of Humanity, Zombie Hunter, Banana Lover

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